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Hi all,
So here we are...Saturday Night...losing an hour of sleep...I'm tired just thinking about it. I hope you enjoy our second video of my trilogy. As in our trip to Vasquez Rocks to film the video for "Fallin' ", we had so much fun. It was three days and nights of crazy in Las Vegas but well worth it and such an experience! I will share the outtakes with you in just a little bit...those you will really enjoy.

Sleep well tonight everyone and thank you again for your support...

~ Kayte
Hi everyone,
Since we will all be losing an hour of sleep on Saturday night, There really will be "No Way To Sleep" come March 10th. I hope you enjoy this Video Trailer. I am so excited about this second video, created by my brother Paul and his wife Heather, (devlindesigns | HMJB Productions), as the second of my video trilogy of life and love.

The full video will premiere on Saturday night. Enjoy!

~ Kayte
This video means so much to me. We drove to Vasquez Rocks in Los Angeles and just had the most amazing day. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did making it.

- Kayte
This Video for my song "When The Moon is Full "was created by Paul Opalach at Longhill Video and Recording!  Thank you Paul !   I truly am blessed and grateful !

Remember to go to cdbaby.com to download my songs -
"Fallin'" "No Way To Sleep" and "Home"

Thank you so much!

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- Kayte
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